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Travel Prepaid MasterCard

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The Traveler Card is a perfect solution for those who fear travelling with their debit card and having their full checking account balance at risk if the card is lost or stolen. With global acceptance for purchases at millions of merchants and access to cash across the country and worldwide, you can confidently travel without concerns about overspending or putting their account balances at risk.

Protect Your Money When You Travel

Leave your debit and credit cards at home and travel with a Prepaid MasterCard®.

Worldwide Access

Get worldwide access anywhere Debit MasterCard® cards are accepted. Hotels, restaurants, theme parks, ATMs, and more.

Safer Than Debit

If your Prepaid MasterCard is lost or stolen, your bank account balance is still safe. And MasterCard Zero Liability* protects you from unauthorized purchases.

Smarter Than Credit

Stay in control of your spending. Load your card with your vacation budget and only spend what you load.

Quick and Easy Set Up

No credit check and no bank account required. Enjoy today.

Mobile Account Access

This free and easy-to-use app gives you the freedom to make mobile transactions anywhere in the world. Get access to real-time balance alerts, transaction history, card-to-card transfers, and more.