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This account is ideal for the high school student heading off to college.  It offers the purchasing power of MasterCard® without the risk of piling up credit card debt.  Students can fund the card via direct deposit and parents can send money to the card via a transfer from their bank account or in real-time from a secondary card or a load at their nearest financial institution location.  This account offers online budgeting, real-time text alerts, a mobile app and access to cash at ATMs worldwide. All, for one flat monthly fee.

No Hidden Fees. No Overspending.

Enjoy the smart access of a MasterCard® Prepaid Card for your everyday transactions for only one flat monthly fee. Use it to shop online, in-store, or over the phone without the risk of overspending or risking credit card debt. Spend only what is loaded.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy the peace of mind that MasterCard Zero Liability* protection offers. If your Card is ever lost or stolen, you are not responsible for any unauthorized purchases.

Easy Funding

Receive easy transfers from a checking account. Free with direct deposit or money move from a secondary card with instant online funding for emergencies.

Get the App. Go Anywhere

This free and easy-to-use app gives you the freedom to make mobile transactions anywhere you go. Get access to real-time balance alerts, transaction history, card-to-card transfers, bill pay and more

Build a Budget

Money budgeting tools to help you build the foundation for making smart decisions about how you use your money. Formulate a plan that will help you be successful now and in the future.

Surcharge-Free ATM Access

Access your cash at thousands of surcharge-free ATM locations across the country.