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Due to increased fraudulent activity, we will be blocking any transactions made to Airbnb. Future transactions made to Airbnb will be blocked due to potential fraudulent activity.

If you plan to travel and use Airbnb, please contact our Customer Service Center and they will lift the block for individual reservations.

If you should have any questions, please contact us at 800-455-2275 or

*Please be on alert*

UPDATE:  The illegitimate page that was being used to scam consumers has been taken down.  If you receive anything that looks suspicious via text, email or phone, please contact us at 800-455-2275.  Please be sure you do not click on any links sent to you or call any numbers other than the ones listed on our bank website 

A scam text is currently circulating asking users to go to our "website" and call the number listed or log in.  Please do not click on any links from any texts that you receive asking you to do so and never enter your log in and password on any site that you receive a link from. 

Please pay close attention to the correct Montgomery Bank website which is  and our Customer Service Center number is 800-455-2275. 

Please remember that you should never follow instructions to go to a branch and take out money and send it anywhere to get more money.  

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