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MasterCard® Chip Cards!

A chip card - also known as an EMV card - provides an extra layer of security when you pay with your Montgomery Bank debit card. The chip in your new card generates a unique, one-time code each time you use your card at a chip-enabled retailer. The chip in your card is virtually impossible to duplicate, which means attempts by a fraudster to create and use counterfeit cards will be difficult to achieve.

Your chip cards also have a magnetic strip so they can be used at card readers that are not yet chip-enabled.

If you have any questions, you can view our FAQ below or call our Customer Service Center at 800-455-2275.

EMV Chip Card FAQ

EMV Chip Card Reader Image 1EMV Chip Card Reader and Card Image
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Step 1 - Insert your card, chip first, into the terminal. Leave your card in the terminal until the transaction is complete.

Step 2 - Follow the prompts on the terminal screen.

Step 3 - remove your card after the terminal prompts you.

MasterCard SecureCode® provides enhanced security and added protection to keep transactions private.

MasterCard SecureCode is a private code for your MasterCard account that provides an additional layer of security when shopping online.  You create a secure code that only you and our bank will know.  Merchants will not be able to see it.

More than one million online merchants in 122 countries support transactions made with SecureCode. Look for the logo when you're providing your payment information.

To enroll, visit the Montgomery Bank MasterCard SecureCode page and click "Register Now".  You will be asked to enter your card information and create your secure code.  Once you have created your code, your enrollment is complete and you are ready to begin shopping online with your additional layer of security.