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Designed to save you time and effort and increase cash flow.

Whether you want to speed reconciliation functions, access account information, concentrate cash or earn interest on excess funds, we have what you need to operate more effectively.

For additional information about these products, contact us 1-800-455-2275 or stop by one of our branch locations.

eCorp Online Banking

Access your accounts at your convenience with eCorp. You can check balances, print statement information, make transfers between Montgomery Bank accounts or to/from another financial institution.

Direct Deposit

Save time and money! Pay your employees by Direct Deposit and electronically credit their checking account.

Sweep Services and Zero Balance Accounts

Sweep accounts are available for those larger deposit corporate customers that want to maximize their interest earnings while maintaining liquidity. Zero Balance Accounts are accounts maintaining a zero balance (or other specified amount) that are grouped with a master account to concentrate cash and control disbursements.


Montgomery Bank eDeposits is the fast, easy way to make business check deposits right from your desk at work. With our check scanner and software, you can make deposits into your business account from any desktop computer. No more time-consuming trips to the bank. Plus, you funds may be available sooner than through the traditional deposit process.

Positive Pay Solutions

Positive pay allows your business to upload its payables file to Montgomery Bank’s system. We then verify that the checks coming through the account are indeed on that list and they are being presented for the correct dollar amount. Items that don’t match up are then put in a review status for you to accept or deny. This helps prevent altered or stolen checks from clearing your account.

Serial Sort 

Reduce time and effort reconciling your business checking account. With the serial sort service, we sort your checks and return them to you in check number order. And in addition to listing your checks on your statement by date paid, we also list your checks by check number, making it even more simple and convenient for you.

ACH Services

Automate your collection and disbursement process with ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing. ACH processing is an economical and reliable payment method. With our Execubanc and ACH Editor programs, you are able to originate individual ACH transactions or create batch files to electronically deposit or debit payments. You not only reduce check expense, but you also have more control over account management and forecasting cash flow. Because you determine when payments are made and received, you can streamline your payable and receivable operations leaving more time for growing your business.

Fed Wire

When there's no time to waste. The Fed Wire system is still the quickest, most reliable way to get money to another financial institution in the U.S. or internationally. Request repetitive or non-repetitive wires at any one of our branch locations, or for more convenience, you can also initiate wires through our Execubanc program. Same day availability allows you take advantage of time-critical investments and savings.

Express Check Manager

Did you know that you can receive your monthly bank statements on a CD-ROM? This product gives you the ability to maintain your own historical archive, allowing you to perform your own research, print copies of checks, and more. Ask your Cash Management representative for more details.